wood laser

Meal laser system
a:Laser tube 180W/150w/300w

famous brand, good beam mode stability, service time over 5000~100000 working hours.180W laser tube, good quality and stable output to extend the laser tube service time. we can use the different laser system according to client’s demands, such as GSI 200w, RF 200w laser tube and so on

b. Singapore imported lens and mirrors

High transmittance, good focusing, reflecting effect.
2.DSP control system, professional metal& non-metal laser control system

Professional CNC control system, USB interface, support online/offline working, English language system, adjustable cutting speed and power, metal cut and non-metal cut.
3. High accuracy Panasonc motors and drivers. Ballscrew transmission

4. professional non-metal&metal laser cutting head imported(have follow-up system)

5. Aluminium blade table
we provide the perfect solution with best service

Laser machine Cutting parameters

MaterialsThickness(mm)Speed(m/min)Auxiliary gasAir pressure
Carbon steel0.53-3.5O20.5-0.6
Carbon steel1.02.2O20.5-0.7
Carbon steel1.51.5O20.5-0.8
Stainless steel0.53O20.5-0.6
Stainless steel1.02.4O20.5-0.7
Stainless steel1.51.5O20.5-0.8
Die board150.8-1O2